Rath Consulting is the consulting business of Dr. Nikolaus Rath. Dr. Rath received a PhD in Plasma Physics from Columbia University in New York. He is a Fulbright Scholar and has been invited speaker at a variety of academic and professional conferences. Dr. Rath also has professional training in finance and is an experienced software engineer and long-term open-source developer. He is maintainer of several free software projects, including S3QL, SSHFS, and libfuse (a core component of the Linux operating system).


Dr. Rath is an expert in data acquisition, processing and analysis. He has designed and implemented systems for both offline analysis and real-time signal processing on GPU, FPGA and CPU hardware, including feedback control systems processing hundreds of distributed measurements under microsecond time constraints.

Dr. Rath is also principal author of the S3QL cloud storage file system and has 10+ years of experience in Unix/Linux system programming and cloud computing. Combined with deep theoretical and practical expertise in information security, system automation, and algorithms, Dr. Rath offers a unique combination of skills to help with exceptional projects.

Previous Work

Dr. Rath and has worked with academia, startups, and Fortune 500 companies. He has advised on: